Hello io9ers!

Hi all! We're proud to be mentioned in the same breath as Gary Seven and Chris McQuarrie (Jack Reacher for life) in this excellent io9 article on Star Trek shows that never made it to air. Please check out everything you would ever want to know about the project in that menu to the left. We've got full scripts and storyboards for both the pilot episode (written for and episode one (written purely for ourselves).

We're happy to answer any questions about the project in comments below or to hear complaints about our ship design. Enjoy!


Storyboards - "The Empty Eye" Part Four

After a bit of a holiday delay, we've finally gotten around to posting the storyboards for the final part of our latest adventure, "The Empty Eye." This episode is big on action, which means there's a whole bunch of images - 156 in all! Huge thanks once again to our artist, Mei-Yi Chun, who really outdid himself on this final batch.

Storyboards can be viewed one at a time in the gallery, or you can download a PDF combo of the script and boards for easier reading (or printing). We're working on a big combination book of all four parts complete with boards, which should be up soon.

What's next? We are always working on new ideas for Final Frontier, but as this is an unpaid labor of love it's sometimes tough to avoid other things getting in the way. Check back for updates on more scripts in the future and like our Facebook page for future announcements. Thank you for reading!



Commander Holden

Here's our final new piece of art (for now), a look at our first officer. Huge thanks go out once again to artist Brent Noll, who did an amazing job re-envisioning our crew with a more fun, animated look. Go check out Brent's other work here.

Storyboards are still in process. There's double the number for the final episode because of all the action - over 150 individual images! I hope to have them up next week, so keep an eye out. Thanks for visiting!


The Unsinkable Mr. Zero

Up next in our new look at the Final Frontier crew is Mr. Zero, the ship's chief engineer. He's like a big swirly cloud made up of math and energy stuck inside a sack with a window in it. That'll be the description on the back of the action figure box.

We've got the storyboards for the final part of The Empty Eye in house, so those should be up soon. Thanks for reading - we're working as fast as we can for no money!



Jax is our science officer, typically stationed on the bridge at Ops. We actually always meant to make her a less humanoid alien species, but a throw-away "she's got green skin" line stuck, and here we are. Thanks again to Brent Noll for this latest in our series of new looks for the crew. Holden and Zero are coming up soon!

New readers can check out the links on the left to learn more about the project. If you want to skip all the background and go straight to reading some scripts, they're right here. Everything's got storyboards with it except the final part of our second story, "The Empty Eye." Those boards are being worked on now and will be done soon.