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Hello io9ers!

Hi all! We're proud to be mentioned in the same breath as Gary Seven and Chris McQuarrie (Jack Reacher for life) in this excellent io9 article on Star Trek shows that never made it to air. Please check out everything you would ever want to know about the project in that menu to the left. We've got full scripts and storyboards for both the pilot episode (written for and episode one (written purely for ourselves).

We're happy to answer any questions about the project in comments below or to hear complaints about our ship design. Enjoy!

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I have a few questions. :) They are a bit spoilery, so be warned, new readers.
First, I'd like to know how you came to the decision to kill off Preston in the Pilot. I think there was a LOT of potential in that character. Kirk bumped his head a few times with commissioners and officials as well, but mostly, they were kind of jerks. Preston however was a nice guy, intelligent, caring. He just had a different point of view than Chase. I thought that was a really interesting thing, a great dynamic with Chase, great stuff for lots and lots of good conversations. Did you ever regret killing him off so early? Or did you plan to replace him sometime down the road with another protocoll officer? (Or even to bring him back? - it's Star Trek after all. Everything is possible ;) )
Did you have some kind of masterplan for the story? If so, can you tell us a little bit about it? :) What would have happend, to the characters, the ship, everything :)

The ship design really is a bit... ugh ;P Personally I would have preferred this concept by yours:
Why did you decide against it?

And the most important questions is, of course, can we expect more scripts, or Story-Outlines, or character descriptions (like some for Jax or Doctor Proves)? Anything? I really love your Ideas. I'd like to see "Final Frontier" becoming an official animation show, but I guess the chances for that are slim?

Finally I'd like to thank you for putting all your ideas out to the web. Personally, I have become a fan :)
(By the way, I'm not sure if you are aware of that, but in one of the Trek-Lit Novels, the has been a throwaway line, kind of a friendly salut to Final Frontier as a possible future of the federation. I think it was one of the "Department of temporal investigation"-Novellas by Christopher L. Bennett. I thought that was a really fine gesture. :))

September 3, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterDamon

Hi Damon! Thanks for keeping up with the site. A couple answers:

We wanted to kill a main character off in the pilot in order to stress that space is dangerous and that Captain Chase's choices have consequences. I liked Preston a lot by the time we were done with the pilot, but I still think his death was worth it. We had plans to show just how much the loss affected Chase - it's not mentioned in Empty Eye, but it was certainly something that was going to hang over his head. We also had plans to bring in a new protocol officer later down the line.

We had an overall plan for the first two seasons of the show and were planning on taking the Buffy the Vampire Slayer route of a different "Big Bad" every season. First season would have gotten further into what really caused the Omega Fields and followed up on how the Venture got where it was - there's a really small hint to this when Preston mentions something's been keeping the computer busy since they emerged from the Omega field. We also had some very strange plans for Jax.

The ship! I can't remember exactly what made us reject that specific design, but that was definitely where we got the "hammerhead" look from. Designing that ship was a nightmare, and honestly I think the ship design would have changed if the project went forward and we could have started to hire real designers. Imagine trying to get three die-hard Trek fans to agree on a new Enterprise. It's not easy.

We still love this project, and writing The Empty Eye was a whole lot of fun for me. I know both Dave and Jose have aborted tries at their own new scripts, and I have a few pages of one as well. It's just tough to find time to work on them as our jobs grow more daunting and family takes up time. We certainly plan to do more, I just have no idea when that'll happen.

You're very welcome! After all the work we put into this, we wanted to make sure people got to see it. I will look for that shout-out in the novellas - if you can tell us the exact title I'd love to check it out.

Thanks for writing!

September 14, 2016 | Registered CommenterDoug

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