Red Alert!

A quick update to post our new image of Donal as drawn by the (once again spectacular) Brent Noll. This image and the next two I'll be posting are partially spoiled in our new banner image, but here it is bigger (and slightly even more biggerer here in the gallery). We've got more to come, so stay tuned!


Mission Briefing

Time for a quick update on what's up with Final Frontier. Storyboards for part four of "The Empty Eye" are being worked on. The episode's got a lot of jumping and shooting and hanging from ropes, and more action means more storyboards. Meanwhile, Jose is still plugging away on our next set of scripts. He won't tell me the title, but expect to see part one of our next adventure soon.

And we've got some new art! Big thanks to artist Brent Noll for this cool, retro look at Chase:

It's bigger in the gallery if you'd like to zoom in. We've got more stuff from Brent coming in soon, so keep an eye out. Oh, and go like us on Facebook. Please.


Storyboards - Part Three

More storyboards! Part three of "The Empty Eye" is now fully boarded by our favorite storyboard artist, Mei-Yi Chun. You can view them one at a time in the gallery, or download a large PDF in high resolution suitable for printing right here.

Please leave us lots of wonderful comments. You can leave mean ones, too. We'll accept whatever.



Storyboards - Part Two

Storyboards for part two of "The Empty Eye" are done! There's 104 of them in total, and although this episode contains a lot of talking they're still incredibly interesting. Check them out the old way, one at a time, in the gallery, or download the fancy, printable PDF right here - it's a pretty big download but definitely worth it.

If you're new to the page, read all about the project at those links over on the left, which go into detail on the background of the project and feature full scripts for our first two adventures.

More storyboards coming soon, and we're working on new scripts as well. We've gotten a lot of positive response to the project lately and are excited to keep going.


Part One Storyboards!


Storyboards for "The Empty Eye" part one have been posted. You can either check them out one by one in the gallery, or grab this awesome PDF of the boards integrated with the script. It's pretty big, so it will print out really nicely if you'd like to read a hard copy. Because your eyes hurt from looking at the computer all the time.

Once again, huge thanks are due to our resident storyboard artist, Mei-Yi Chun, who was great before but has somehow gotten even better with this round of art. You can see some of his other work here on his site.

We are currently working on storyboards for part two, as well as a new script that I don't think has a title yet. Stay tuned for more info!