Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who checked out the project this year. It was great to get some feedback on the project and to know there are people out there excited to read new Final Frontier adventures. We've got more scripts on the way soon, as well as full storyboards for The Empty Eye. Give us a chance to shake off our holiday hangovers and we'll have them to you soon.

Here's a brand new painted image of Donal done by the very talented Viet-My Bui, whose other work you can see here. Click to see a bigger version in the gallery. Hope everyone had a great holiday!


The Empty Eye - Part Four

It's the thrilling conclusion to our first episode, as Chase and crew try to get the hell off this alien rock and back home to Earl Grey tea and Parrises Squares. Scroll down for the previous three parts if you're not caught up yet, or click below to read the new script...

And here's some Holden art. If you'd like to check out more of FooRay's art, stuff that's got nothing to do with this project, go check out his website.

Thanks for reading our first script. We'll be taking next week off, probably just posting a piece of art and perhaps the collected script for The Empty Eye. If our schedule holds together, we'll be back the week after with a whole new adventure! We've also got storyboards for this first script coming soon. We'd love to hear your feedback on this first story below, and are happy to answer any questions you may have.


The Empty Eye - Part Three

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving! Here's part three of The Empty Eye, which contains a lot of planning and scheming. But don't worry, someone still hucks a spear at a flying alien. If you're just joining us, scroll down to read one and two.

And here's a look at Yara, our new alien buddy in this story...

Join us next week for the thrilling conclusion!


The Empty Eye - Part Two

Thanks to everyone who grabbed part one. We've gotten some great feedback and are excited to keep right on going. So here's part two, where we get to see where the hell Enterprise went...

Scroll down to check out the first part of the story, or to get a few links that'll explain the project just in case you're new. And don't forget to like us on Facebook.

Here's another character design from our latest artist, Royce "FooRay" Southerland. Click to make it bigger. More to come!



The Empty Eye - Part One

We are excited to debut the script for the next episode of Star Trek: Final Frontier. The Empty Eye is a story in four parts, and we'll be releasing one part a week for the next month. We've also got new storyboards coming and some new concept art to share in the coming weeks. Click below to grab a PDF of the script and start reading. Don't worry, it's only ten pages.

If you're new to Final Frontier, you can read the project's backstory, check out the original pilot script we pitched to CBS, or browse hundreds of original storyboards for that pilot in the Gallery. It would help to read the pilot before diving into this episode, but it's not required.

Also, here's the full concept image of Chase we recently added to our Facebook page. We'll be sending out updates on new episodes there, so go LIKE it right now. Big thanks to Royce "FooRay" Southerland for this piece and a few others you'll be seeing in the coming weeks. Click to check out a much bigger version.

More to come!