The Adventure Continues...

After numerous delays, new scripts for Final Frontier are coming. Our first adventure is nearly finished, and we are in the process of commissioning some new art to go along with it. Final Frontier: The Empty Eye follows Chase and his crew as they fight to save their ship from destruction in the far reaches of the galaxy. Also, Donal eats some futuristic potato chips. Spoilers!

The script will be posted in parts, just like we did with the pilot. We're writing with an aim toward recreating the way you would have watched it online, in 8-10 minute chunks that connect together to tell a larger story. The Empty Eye is in four parts. We've got stories planned after that as well, so hopefully it won't be another three years between episodes. But you never know.

So gimme a week or so to make sure the script is flawless, and then join us here for part one. We'll post an annoucement on the facebook page when it happens. Thanks for reading! Many fun things ahead.




We're Back on TrekFM

This weekend, Jose and I made a triumphant return to TrekFM's Ready Room podcast. Instead of blathering on about Final Frontier again, we join Trek historian Larry Nemecek for a discussion on the current state of the Star Trek franchise and what we may see in the future. Listen to us on episode 47 here or find it on iTunes over here with pretty pictures. We come in at around the 43 minute mark and then talk for like an hour and a friggin' half. Many thanks to Chris and Greg for having us on again.

In actual Final Frontier news, the three of us are hard at work on new scripts, with three episodes planned to start. We'll be doing them in parts again, just as they would have aired if this thing had ever actually happened. We don't want to post anything until we're a little further along, so you guys won't have to wait too long between cliffhangers. Look for an announcement soon.

Oh, and we have a new domain name. You can now get to the page at Of course, you're already here, so I guess you don't really need to know that. Old address will still work.


We Have a Fan Page

Facebook is killing off all the group pages, so we've started a fan page for the project. If you like it, click this button.


TrekFM Podcast

Dave, Jose, and I were guests on TrekFM's Ready Room podcast this past week. The episode was just posted today and can be found here. Or you can grab a much fancier version with chapter breaks and embedded links right here on iTunes. We talk a little bit about the fate of the project and the work that went into making it. Listen to it. Now.


STFF Sprites

Some Lucasarts-style sprite art of the main crew. Captain Chase and the Fate of Atlantis, anyone?