Yet Another Welcome Page

We have had a nice influx of new visitors thanks to a very cool piece over on Blastr that named us one of their "10 Awesome Unmade Star Trek Projects." We are in some very fine company alongside the likes of Bryan Singer, J. Michael Stracynski, and a sitcom Jonathan Frakes came up with after half a bottle of scotch called "The Rikers in Space." I thought it'd be good do do yet another front page that makes it a little easier to figure out where to go. So here that is.

The original pitch packet can be downloaded here, and will give you an idea of exactly how the project was pitched to CBS and This site goes into a lot more detail about both the story and the work that went into it, and all that can be found by using that menu over there on the left.

The full script for the pilot episode is available right here. Keep in mind the episode was intended to air as a series of five shorts, so the structure is a little different. But still incredibly awesome.

A very talented artist named Mei-Yi Chun graciously lent his talents to the project to draw up full storyboards for the entire pilot, so if you'd rather check out the script with some visuals, there's like a bajilliion storyboards up in the gallery. I am working on a nice PDF that contains the boards alongside the script, but that's a lot of cutting and pasting and I don't know when it'll be done. So for now you're going to have to click. 

We have promised new scripts, and fully intend to deliver on that promise as soon as we have the time. Unfortunately at this point, Final Frontier is officially a passion project, and passion projects don't pay the rent. We're happy to answer any questions or respond to your criticisms of our spatula-shaped Enterprise in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting!



Hello! We're back for a quick update. The script is taking a bit longer than expected. Like quite a bit longer, actually. The first four pages are smashing, though. The rest is mostly blank. A couple fleeting verbs here and there. So let's just say the E.T.A. on that one is difficult to calculate.

However, I' ve posted some images of a new Enterprise model I've been working on here and there for the past few months. It's a much better idea of the direction we were heading with the design, with more detail and shape. Still not final by any means, but something to look at. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Images in the Gallery, where you can also check out all our awesome storyboards if you haven't seen them yet. Or you can click on this to go right to the ship:

I had a small version of this model 3D printed in plastic. I'll post a few pictures if I can find a decent way to photograph it.



The Thrilling Conclusion (For Now)

We're really happy to announce that the boards for Part Five are now up in the gallery. It's been an amazing process to see our words come to life, and none of it would have happened without the talented and dedicated Mei-Yi Chun. In total, Mei-Yi drew 422 individual pieces of art for the project. That's FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO for those of you in the back who didn't catch it the first time. We thank him profusely and encourage anyone who needs some professional storyboards done to contact him. And pay him a lot of money. Visit his page for more art, and please drop him an email or comment below to tell him how much you enjoyed the work.

We are currently in the process of plotting what would have been the first season of Final Frontier, and will be bringing it to you in script form here on the site. Look for an update soon with a few more details as soon as we stop playing Red Dead Redemption long enough to get some work done.


New Storyboards

Storyboards for Part Four are now up in the gallery. There are over a hundred of them, and once again Mei-Yi Chun has really delivered some great images. Check out his portfolio page for other good, non Final Frontier stuff. Please hire him for something.

In addition, I went through and fixed the older galleries so that the double (and triple) length boards display at a larger size when you click on them. This way you can actually read the text. Time will tell if I did it right.

If you're new to the page, welcome! Check out the posts below for links to all sorts of stuff.


Yet Another Welcome Page

We've gotten some new visitors from a recent interview and an update piece on Trekmovie. If you don't feel like scrolling back, here's a quick Final Frontier update:

Storyboards for the first three parts are in the gallery. Part four should be up soon, and you can join our Facebook group if you'd like to get updates when we post new stuff. Everything else, including a full script for the pilot episode, is available through that menu on the left.

We've also done an audio commentary track that you can listen to here. It's an mp3 designed to walk you through the site, and goes into a little more detail about the pitching process and how we came up with everything.

Thanks for visiting! We do our best to respond to comments when we can, so please let us know what you think.