The most important part of any series, Star Trek or not, is its core characters. We spent a great deal of time establishing who made up our crew, especially the characters we saw as our core three (Chase, Donal, and Holden). With the current state and mindset of Starfleet at the time of Final Frontier, it was decided that starships would be made up of predominantly human crewmembers. As the series progressed and those ideals changed, more alien crewmembers would have begun appearing. The following character bios are taken from our original pitch packet:



Chase was born on the colony world of Spire, a planet cut off from the rest of the Federation after the Omega distortions ravaged subspace. Soon after his birth, Chase’s family boarded a colony ship bound for Federation space, an eleven year journey, knowing they would likely never return. Spending the majority of his childhood in space, Chase became fascinated with the universe and its mysteries. He entered Starfleet Academy immediately on his eligibility and, after graduation, quickly rose to the rank of Captain. While his peers were lobbying for command of newer, more prestigious vessels, Chase went out of his way to be assigned to border patrol on the U.S.S. Enterprise, both for the history of the name as well as the chance to be closer to the unknown.

A solitary man in his mid thirties, Chase has been in command of the U.S.S. Enterprise for two years. He previously commanded the U.S.S. Feynman, a scientific survey ship assigned to mapping the numerous Omega distortions in Federation space. Although monotonous, the assignment allowed him an insight into the distortions that not many other officers have, and this information will help him a great deal in future missions. As a firm believer in the founding principles of Starfleet, ideals that he feels the organization has strayed from in recent years, his command is very important to him. Chase aims to do everything he can to live up to the legacy of the Enterprise name.



A native of Earth, Barric Holden is the consummate Starfleet officer. Although not yet born when the Romulan war raged through the Alpha Quadrant, he staunchly believes in the current Federation ideology that came out of it: to protect and defend the Federation and its citizens. His passion for Starfleet’s ideals drove him into Starfleet Academy at a young age and focused him on the quest for his own ship. Pushing himself to achieve the rank of Commander earned him the center seat of the U.S.S. Ulysses, and commanding this medium-sized search and destroy vessel only fueled Holden’s passion to attain the rank of Captain and command a ship of the line.

While up for promotion, Starfleet instead assigned him to the U.S.S. Enterprise as Executive Officer, feeling he could temper Captain Chase and his often cavalier approach to Starfleet’s regulations and orders. This has made Holden a bit resentful of Captain Chase, though he'd never let it show.


Donal is in her early thirties and was born on the frontier planet Ar Katal. Her mother, a former outlaw, abandoned the family when Donal was five years old to return to her criminal life. With her mother on the run, Donal was raised by her father, which left her with numerous unanswered questions about her past. Donal’s innate curiosity led her to join Starfleet Academy, where her aptitude for military tactics and strategy flourished.

As with all Starfleet Security personnel, she has voluntarily been implanted with a Biomechanical Utility Graft (BUG), allowing immediate communication between her, the security team, or the ship while in the field. Not knowing the full extent of the chip’s capabilities, and due to it being engineered through Borg hardware, there will be those that don’t feel comfortable in her presence or that of her team, including the Captain. Kaylen feels she has to work that much harder to earn the Captain’s confidence, and she’s right. A great strategist and combat officer, she and her fellow “red shirts” are a tight-knit family, and they’re exactly who you’d want around when trouble arises.



“Zero” (his given name, a mathematical equation based on his parents’ designations, is unpronounceable), is one of only a handful of Starfleet officers to come from the mysterious world of Prime, where numbers and equations are not just a way of life, they are life itself. The Primorians’ fundamental understanding of mathematics has made their world the undisputed leader in mathematical discoveries over the last century. Zero’s parents were less than thrilled at their son’s desire to join Starfleet, as they felt that his mathematical skills should be put to use at home, as is their tradition. Requested by Captain Chase for his unique skills, Mr. Zero was one of the first officers assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise under his command.

Zero is without a doubt one of the finest engineers in the fleet, even if few can even begin to comprehend the complex equations and formulas that keep his staff on its toes and his warp engines at peak efficiency. Though many of the crew have formed a working relationship with him, Mr. Zero’s aloof and alien nature keeps him at a distance from many of the crew, a situation that he is constantly trying to rectify.



Preston was born in Iceland and raised by his parents to appreciate the nature and wildlife of his surroundings. The relative desolation meant that he was responsible for repairing most household electronics, which led him to focus on engineering upon entering Starfleet Academy. He served as Chief Engineer aboard the U.S.S. Endeavor for two years until that ship’s involvement in the Kessok Incident in 2521. The botched diplomatic mission spurred Preston to join the newly formed Starfleet Protocol Corps in an effort to prevent the same thing from occurring again. He has served alongside Captain Alexander Chase for the entirety of his time aboard Enterprise, and Chase’s dedication to Starfleet’s more outdated ideals has kept Preston quite busy.

The idea of a Protocol Officer stemmed from Starfleet's altered focus on dealing with alien species and border relations. By placing someone aboard the ship whose very job was to uphold those new directives, it gives us not only a voice for those ideals but also someone for Chase to actively confront and discuss Starfleet's altered stance with.


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