Zero Room Productions

Based in Los Angeles, Zero Room Productions was formed in 2005 in anticipation of the development of Star Trek: Final Frontier. The team still gets together to discuss ideas and play Risk from time to time. In addition, Doug and Jose run a weekly podcast covering sci-fi film and television, comics, and video games, on which Dave sometimes appears as a guest. The Zero Room Podcast has been broadcasting for over a year and can be found here.

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After getting his start in the fifth season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Dave spent the next fourteen years working for the franchise. As Supervisor of Star Trek Projects, he worked with numerous departments at Paramount to ensure the correct use of all Star Trek assets and characters as they related to properties such as video games, books, toys, theme parks, and a host of other ancillary products. Dave also co-wrote and co-produced the "Borg 4D" attraction at "Star Trek: The Experience" in Las Vegas and served as Producer in charge of the “Star Trek: Remastered” project. He is still with Paramount.



Jose has worked for the last five years as a coordinator for Warner Brothers Television Post Production. Previously, he worked as a freelance editor on projects such as the documentary "Drag Racing" and the short film "Presents." In addition, Jose worked for DIC Animation in the product licensing department, where he shepherded the management of the company's animated product line.



Doug worked behind the scenes on “Star Trek: Enterprise” for its final three seasons and assisted in the writing of the "Borg 4D" ride at "Star Trek: The Experience" in Las Vegas. Prior to this, he spent three years at Activision as a Production Coordinator for their Star Trek titles, where he was responsible for both technical and creative content and wrote original missions and dialogue for games such as "Bridge Commander," "Starfleet Command 3," and "Elite Force 2." He is currently working as a freelance Writer/Producer in reality television, which is the devil.